MALLORCA council has launched an aid plan to help younger people looking to start an independent life away from their family home.

A €1 million budget has been allocated to the Island Youth Service aimed at cutting the economic pressure on younger people, especially when it comes to renting or buying a property.

Residents aged between 18 and 34 years with a minimum annual income of €24,000 can apply for a grant, worth €100 per month over a year.

Economic Promotion minister, Jaume Alzamora said: “This will lighten the burden for the younger population looking to start a personal life project.”

Alzamora stressed that high housing costs is one of the reasons for why so few younger people are leaving home.

“Only 16% of the total young population of emancipation age has actually done so and face continuous adversity in finding work now aggravated by inflation and excessive property costs,” he added.

The minister said the aid aims to help with youth exclusion issues which are forcing younger residences to return to family homes.

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