TRAGEDY struck the Valencia province town of Villamarxant on Monday when a mother killed her baby before trying to take her own life by leaping off the roof.

The Guardia Civil were called after reports at around 10.00 am of a 36-year-old injured woman lying on the ground.

She was treated for serious injuries by an ambulance crew, who took her to Valencia’s La Fe Hospital.

Guardia officers went inside her house and followed a trail of blood going up to a storage room on the roof.

They opened the door and discovered the body of the 11-month-old girl, who had been fatally wounded in the throat by a kitchen knife.

Investigators believe the child was killed in the bathroom.

The baby’s father was not at home and the couple’s other daughter was at school, having been taken there by her mother.

The Levante newspaper has reported that the woman had documented mental health problems and that it wasn’t the first time that she tried to end her life.

There were however no previous instances mentioned to authorities involving abuse or gender violence.


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