A dangerous escaped convict on the run from French authorities has been arrested in Torremolinos after a woman reported him for domestic violence.

The 28-year-old fugitive had, like many before him, settled in the Costa del Sol using a false identity after escaping jail in France.

Only identified as ‘A.M’, the man, who was in prison for drug trafficking, robbery of weapons, assault with violence against a police officer, had been serving a long sentence at the Liancourt Penitentiary Centre north of Paris.

But he staged a daring escape by violently assaulting a nurse and the police officers guarding him after he had been transferred to hospital with self-inflicted injuries.

From there he managed to flee to Spain and assume a new life and identity, until he was reported to police by the woman.

Officers realised he was wanted under a European Arrest Warrant for multiple crimes, including drug trafficking, armed robbery, assault with violence, and violent prison escape.

He was finally captured and arrested in Torremolinos and sent to a court in Madrid where he will face extradition back to France.


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