AN ANDULACIAN wine and alcohol distributor has been arrested for bottling and selling 2,250 bottles of counterfeit Verdejo wine.

The detained man operated from three warehouses in Cordoba where production and storage took place.

The Policia Nacional probe started after a complaint from a well-known Valladolid winery that it had knowledge of bogus Verdejo-branded wines being sold.

Both the content and labels were confirmed by experts as being counterfeits.

Fake Verdejo

Three companies in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia were identified as possible redistributors of the fake products.

Inspections resulted in 1,158 bottles marked as Verdejo originating from Rueda being seized.

An array of documents were removed which identified the wine as coming from a Cordoba company.

The firm had three warehouses, one of which bottled and labelled the fake wine, and the other two acting as storage facilities.

The redistributors tipped off the owner about the Policia Nacional uncovering the scam, and when officers arrived they found production had ceased and his stockpile of counterfeit bottles had been disposed of.


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