AUTHORITIES have identified 7,600 illegally-built homes in the Vega Baja area of the Costa Blanca that can be ‘legalised’.

The Valencian Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility hosted a briefing in Orihuela to explain to Vega Baja town halls how the procedure works.

A guide has been produced to show both home owners and councils how they can deal with licence applications and how straight forward the procedure is.

The regularisation of illegal properties constructed on green-belt land up to August 20, 2014 can be achieved through Territorial Impact Minimisation Licences (MIT) introduced by the Valencian government.

An MIT legalises a building in exchange for a guarantee that the impact of environmental factors such as sewage disposal and potential dangers such as fires in the surrounding area are minimised. 

Licence issuing is the responsibility of individual municipalities who can get funding to help them oversee the process.

Regional urban planning director, Vicente Garcia Nebot, said: “Home owners can organise together or individually to get town halls to legalise their properties.”

Garcia Nebot also called on ‘municipalities to come up with ways of reaching all residents to tell them that they can legalise their homes and how to do it’.

Legalisation allows access to water supplies, as well sewage and wastewater treatment plus waste collection for properties built outside legally established channels.


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