A COUPLE in Valencia were arrested on Tuesday after using a knife to attack a minor who is accused of killing their son in 2021. 

The incident took place at around 11am outside the Ciudad de la Justicia courthouses in the Mediterranean city, after the victim of the attack had made an appearance inside a court for minors at the centre. 

The young man recently left a home for minors and today’s hearing was to establish any restraining orders that need to be put in place until he can face trial for the murder of the couple’s son. 

According to newspaper Levante EMV, when the young man left the court the parents of the murder victim were waiting for him, and used a large knife and another stabbing weapon to attack him. 

The murder suspect managed to resist the attack, and was treated by an ambulance for minor knife injuries to his neck. He opted not to be taken to hospital for further treatment. 

The murder in question took place on December 5, 2021 in a park called La Granja de Burjassot, not far from the centre of Valencia. 

The young man attacked today is accused of having stabbed the 16-year-old victim of that crime in the heart with a knife, killing him, after the pair had arranged to meet to fight via social media. 

According to press reports, the victim of today’s attack had turned up at the fight back in 2021 armed not just with a knife but also a pistol.

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