SPECIALIST forest firefighting units and general fire crews spent the weekend carefully monitoring the area affected by the Alto Mijares fire in Castellon province that broke out on March 23.

The fire was officially deemed to be ‘under control’ last Friday and is the most devastating March blaze in Spain since at least 1991.

Throughout the country, 11,400 hectares of land have been burnt so far this year- 54% above average levels.

Parts of the 4,700 hectares burnt at Alto Mijares saw embers relit by strong winds on Saturday but any issues were soon brought under control with the help of three aerial units.

Around 1,700 residents of Montan, Montanejos, Fuente la Reina, Torralba del Pinar, Arañuel, Higueras, Pavías, Villanueva de Viver and Puebla de Arenoso returned to their homes on Thursday and Friday after being evacuated for a week as a precaution.

The Guardia Civil and Valencian police are maintaining surveillance in areas where residents returned last week to ensure there isn’t a major influx of visitors from outside municipalities.

The regional emergencies department has reiterated an appeal for people not to travel through ‘burned’ areas due to unstable soil and to exercise ‘maximum caution’ on all roads.


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