ROJALES council has been left in the doghouse after opening up a canine park on private land on the Pueblo Bravo urbanisation.

Entrance gates to the facility have been padlocked after a complaint from the Euromarina real estate company that owns the land.

The facility was set up next to the La Laguna Tourist Apartments and its outdoor swimming pool- both owned by the firm- which according to the Informacion newspaper, registered a written complaint with Rojales council on March 22.

The letter stated that Euromarina had ‘verified’ that the authority had illegally installed the dog park on a plot of land of around 520 m2.

It added that it exclusively belonged to the company which added that ‘complaints are being received from numerous clients from the adjoining apartments concerning bad smells, noise, barking, nuisance and inconvenience’.

“This does nothing more than detract from the quality of our establishment and cause us serious damage in the exercise of our business,” the letter continued.

It has demanded the removal of all boards and facilities related to the dog park, but that has not happened yet, except for the appearance of a padlock.

Rojales council has not commented on the contents of the Euromarina letter.

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