A GROUP of children smashed into and even blew up vending machines in Valencia to grab cash and items from them.

Eight children were identified as the perpetrators but only two of them- aged 14- were of legal age to be prosecuted.

The vandals struck in the Valencia district of Patraix between January and March with the machine owner filing a complaint to the Policia Nacional.

The first machine was kicked in by three children in January who also resorted to ramming their bodies into the glass to help themselves to the goods inside.

The cost of repairing the machine came to €4,226.

In March, the group raised their game by shoving various large fireworks into a series of machines to cause explosions in order to access items and money.

The units were so severely damaged that new ones had to be purchased by the owner costing €18,150.

The two Spanish teenagers who can be charged with theft and damage have given statements to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.


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