THE bird of prey, which had been spotted flying over different buildings in the centre of Almeria for the last two days, was successfully rescued by local firefighters together with members of the Territorial Delegation for Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy.

Initially, environmental technicians attempted to encourage the huge bird to fly again, however, the vulture was too weak to gain the necessary altitude to return to it’s natural habitat and so great care was taken to capture the bird instead.

Following protocol, the vulture, which presented symptoms of fatigue and malnutrition, was taken to a veterinary clinic for a proper examination and where it will be temporarily kept to receive the correct nourishment for its recuperation.

It will then be taken to a Centre for the Recovery of Endangered Species (C.R.E.A.) for a full recovery before its release once more into the wild.

The Griffon vulture is a rare type of vulture eagle, with impressive size and up to a 3m wingspan. It is one of the few species of vultures that can be seen in Europe and is the continent’s second-largest bird, with Spain home to the biggest colony of Griffon vultures in all Europe.


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