BRIT holidaymakers were stuck in their plane at Malaga airport for nearly two hours . . . waiting for buses to take them just a few hundred yards to the arrival lounge!

Ironically, the Ryanair flight left Newcastle in brilliant sunshine – touching down in a storm.

As the rain in Spain kept falling on the plane, bewildered passengers waited . . . and waited.

“People  were standing in the aisle with their bags as soon as the plane touched down, but they had a hell of a long wait,” said pensioner  Margaret Ramsay. 

“The crew kept announcing that the bus would be here in about 10 minutes, but it was almost two hours before one came.”

Margaret, from Sunderland added “By this time, some of the passengers were really angry. Children were playing up and babies were crying.”

Margaret, 74,added “We couldn’t believe it was lashing down here – we’re  having a heatwave back home.”

The buses problem meant that other planes were stacking up creating even more delays. 

When passengers eventually left the rain-lashed airport some of the roads outside the building were flooded.

And the forecast for the week …. more rain!

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