TWO bungling thieves caused bloody havoc in Marbella port after they were rumbled trying to steal a boat, which ended with them trying to flee by diving into the sea and swimming away.

The pair, aged 30 and 39, were interrupted as they cut the mooring of a boat by two men – one of whom was an off-duty cop –  on June 7 at around 9pm.

When confronted, they threatened the men with a knife and a gun – which turned out to be fake.

The alleged thieves then demanded the men’s phones, suspecting that they had been filmed, and made off across the port with their victims in pursuit.

But as they dashed across the dock they encountered another witness speaking on his mobile phone, which they also attempted to steal.

However, the man wouldn’t give it up, resulting in a struggle between himself and one of the thieves.

The two fell into a docked boat, where the thief managed to stab the have-a-go hero in the chest.

20230616 Foto Armas Intervenidas Marbellajpg
Police photo of the replica firearm and knife allegedly used to stab a passerby that was recovered by a fire department diver

At this point, the thieves threw their weapons into the water and then dived in themselves as the off-duty cop closed in on them.

With police on their way, the off-duty cop dived in after them and a slow-speed swimming chase ensued.

The pair of thieves were finally arrested when the ‘Zeta’ police unit arrived on the scene.

They were taken to a medical facility for treatment before being transferred to the local police station in Marbella. 

One man received medical attention for chest wounds at the scene and was later admitted to hospital.

To recover the weapons ditched in the sea, urgent assistance was requested from a diver of the Marbella Fire Department, who recovered them from the depths and handed them over to the investigative unit of the Marbella Police Station. 

The alleged firearm turned out to be a realistic-looking replica revolver.


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