WE like to say that Solar is just the beginning

And, beyond the reduction in energy costs, it makes your home much more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before.

Imagine, not having to worry about the cost of the energy to run your:

  • Air conditioning
  • Hot water
  • Swimming pool pump
  • Swimming pool heater
  • Electric car charger

Well, it can be done with clean solar energy!

In short, solar makes your home extremely efficient and super comfortable. By investing today in this clean energy, you will save not only money but possibly the planet for the future.

But what options do you have? Here are the eight principle  solar-powered solutions which will maximise your savings with a solar panel installation and then further optimise your home electrics with energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives.

  • ü  Solar panel installations
  • ü  Solar batteries
  • ü  High-efficiency and eco-friendly air conditioning
  • ü  Electric hot water cylinders
  • ü  Air source heat pumps
  • ü  Variable speed pool pumps
  • ü  Electric vehicle chargers
  • ü  Virtual battery

Solution #1: Solar panel installation

The solar installation can be fitted to your roof, a pergola or in your garden.

Solar panels are connected by cables to a solar inverter in your home or business, which converts DC electricity into AC that can power your electrics or be sold to the grid.

Solution #2: Solar battery

Imagine being able to reduce your bills down to €0 – even if you consume power from the grid at night.

It’s not required to have one if your property is connected to the grid.

But if you have unavoidable night-time consumption, if your property is 100% off-grid or if you want the greenest energy possible then you should consider a solar battery.

Solution #3: Electric hot water cylinder

You can swap your gas boiler for an electric hot water cylinder.

The advances in photovoltaic solar panel output make it cost-effective to install an energy-efficient electric hot water cylinder.

Solution #4: High-efficiency air conditioning

With a correctly sized solar panel installation, you can run your AC all day and still get near-zero bills.

Solution #5: Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are more energy-efficient compared to traditional gas heating systems.

How do ASHPs actually work?

They use a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the outside air which is then compressed to increase its temperature.

The heated refrigerant is transferred to indoor units where the heat is released into the space providing warmth.

Depending on your property and existing appliances, an ASHP can be installed alongside a solar panel installation and reduce your bills throughout the year.

Solution #6: Variable speed pool pumps

Imagine being able to run your pool pump for 24 hours a day, constantly filtering your water, and using less energy than your current pump does in six to eight hours.

You can confidently budget as there will be no higher than planned electricity usage even if you need to run the pool heater at the same time as the pump.

Solution #7: Electric car charger (EV)

You can enjoy effectively cost-free motoring by charging your electric car at home with your own photovoltaic solar panels.

Solution #8: Virtual battery

It’s possible in Spain to pay €0 per month while remaining connected to the grid.

It is a kind of virtual wallet that accumulates credit from the sale of surpluses. At the end of the month, if you have sold €100 worth of electricity and the bill is €60€, €60 of your credit will be used to cover the total bill and the other €40 will roll over to be used towards the following month’s bill. 

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