THE Museo Carmen Thyssen presents a new exhibition of urban photography and casts a spotlight on the 1930s Barcelona street life.

This urban photography exhibition, which opened last Tuesday, July 11 and will run until September 24, brings together ‘Memory of the Streets’, a journey to the Barcelona of the 1930s and 1940s through the photographs of Margaret Michaelis, Kati Horna and Montserrat Vidal-Barraquer.

The exhibition, which completes the summer programme, could be considered a continuation of the previous exhibition ‘Scenario streets of New York’, that was on display last spring.

The images from the Barcelona archives offer a chronological journey through the streets of the city at three key moments in the history of Spain by three women photographers, one of whom was born in Spain.

“It is not only important because it is the work of these women, which is also important, but also because it is the first time that we have brought them together”, said Lourdes Moreno, artistic director of the museum.

Ranging from a documentary to a more humanistic or personal approach, these photographs highlight Barcelona street life from the advances of the Civil War to the beginnings of the Franco regime from a female perspective and the essential part played by women in visually portraying the city.

With this exhibition, which will display a total of 42 photographs, the Museum continues to vindicate the essential role of women in the artistic narrative of the 20th century.


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