On July 17 police arrested a senior member of a religious association for sexually assaulting three minors in Valencia.

The accused is from Paraguayan origin and is known to be a close family friend of two of the victims family.

He assaulted the eldest sister for 10 years and began touching her when she was only five years old and when he also was underage.

It is revealed that he used to collect the youngest sister, who is currently under age, from school and took advantage of her while being alone with her in the house.

The criminal has also been accused of having sexual encounters with other minors in the past, like showing pornographic material and masturbating in front of children.

The suspect took advantage of his position in the religious group to get close to the victims and to avoid suspicion.

His victims were mostly between the ages of five and eight so his victims put up less of a fight.

He told the minors it was a  “secret game” with the children so they wouldn’t tell anyone about what he was doing.

The police said that there could be more victims.

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