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Police in Spain identify 11 minors suspected of making and sharing deep-fake naked photos of female classmates

POLICE investigators in Extremadura have identified 11 minors who are suspected to be behind the creation and distribution of a number of deep-fake naked...

WATCH: Group of minors beat up homeless man in Barcelona 

A GROUP of minors have been filmed beating up a beggar in Vilanova i la Geltru, in Barcelona province.  The gut-wrenching footage shows the teenagers...

Member of religious association arrested for sexually assaulting three young girls in Valencia

On July 17 police arrested a senior member of a religious association for sexually assaulting three minors in Valencia. The accused is from Paraguayan origin...

Spanish bishops admit there have been over 900 victims of child abuse since 1945

The Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) has admitted that 927 minors were abused by church members between 1945 and 2022.  The institution has made available data...

Two 12-year-old twins die after falling out of a window in Asturias 

TWO twin sisters aged 12 have died after falling out of a window at their flat in Oviedo (Asturias).  The minors fell from a fourth...

Four teens in Malaga videoed attack on youth and uploaded it to social media

FOUR teens have been arrested for allegedly uploading a video of an attack on another youngster in Malaga.  They are believed to have shared a...

Barcelona museum tour guide arrested for allegedly assaulting four schoolgirls

A 26-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting four schoolgirls in Badalona´s Roman Museum has been arrested.  The alleged criminal is believed to have inappropriately touched...

Five teenagers arrested in Barcelona province after allegedly sexually assaulting classmate with teacher in the room 

FOUR fourteen-year-old boys and one seventeen-year old have been arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female classmate while their teacher was...

Spain to spend €20m to assist transfer of unaccompanied minors from migration hotspots to peninsula

THE SPANISH government is planning to assign €20 million to the country’s regions to support the voluntary reception of unaccompanied migrant minors. The youngsters...

YouTube rapper among mass Madrid arrests of vice ring that abused underage girls in Spain

POLICE in Madrid have arrested 37 people over suspected involvement in a ring that targeted underage girls for sexual abuse, child prostitution and child...

Three brothers found safe and sound in Madrid squat 10 days after mother took them from children’s home

THREE brothers have been found ‘safe and sound’ in a squat in Madrid where their mother was hiding them after she failed to return...

Kids responsible for a dozen robberies caught red-handed taking selfies while vandalising school in Spain’s Murcia

TWO children have been arrested after allegedly carrying out 12 robberies from shops and a school in Murcia. Guardia Civil sources say the pair had...

Parents of underage boozers to be handed fines in Spain

It comes after a report proposed new measures to crackdown on the growing problem of underage drinking

Real Madrid under investigation for transfer of minors

FIFA have asked Real Madrid to supply documents relating to the signing of 51 players under the age of 18




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