THE Malaga Museum, nestled within the iconic Palacio de la Aduana, has witnessed an impressive surge in visitors during the initial five months of 2023.

The total number of attendees tallied an astounding 94,664, drawing attention to the thriving appreciation for arts and heritage.

Breaking down the statistics, January 2023 set a strong precedent with 13,982 visitors, followed closely by February with 18,421 individuals exploring the museum’s treasures. Comparatively, these figures marked a substantial increase over the visitor counts of January and February 2021, which recorded 6,750 and 10,694 respectively, according to official data.

The trend of growing interest continued throughout the subsequent months, with March witnessing 19,006 visitors and April surpassing that with a total of 20,173 visitors.

However, the month that has so far garnered the highest footfall to the museum was in May, with a total of 23,082 visitors gracing the museum’s halls.

Last year, 2022, also proved to be a successful one for the Málaga Museum, boasting a grand total of 155,222 visitors.

These numbers signify a significant recovery from the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, far surpassing the figures of 2019.

The Malaga Museum’s allure lies not only in its historical significance but also in the impressive collection of artifacts it houses. With over 15,000 archaeological pieces and 2,000 references to the world of Fine Arts, the museum offers a fascinating experience to both locals and tourists alike.

Visitors can marvel at masterpieces such as ‘Los Gladiadores’ or ‘La meta sudante’ by Jose Moreno Carbonero, as well as the awe-inspiring ‘Anatomía del corazon’ by Enrique Simonet, alongside other notable works like ‘El juicio de Paris.’

As the museum continues to attract art enthusiasts from all walks of life, its ever-growing popularity stands as a testament to the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of Malaga.


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