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5 Things to Know about IT Staff Augmentation in Poland


IT staff augmentation services might be the answer if you need to rapidly expand your IT team. Companies of all sizes, from startups to large multinational corporations, are showing a growing interest in this service. And Poland is the perfect location to augment your team, with 607,000 expert developers in Poland driving tremendous growth in the country’s information technology sector. 

Read this article to understand why you should opt for team augmentation in Poland and how you can put such services to work for you. Besides, if you want to hire Polish developers, Alcor BPO can take care of your recruiting needs and set up an R&D center in the country to handle all the back-office duties.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a business practice that helps companies add qualified IT experts to their current teams quickly and affordably. Businesses may achieve their objectives more quickly and with fewer resources by using a staff augmentation model.

Staff augmentation is based on a simple concept. The company partners with a third-party agency or contractor to get the precise individuals and skills it needs when it requires them without having to hire or train new full-time workers.

When it comes to IT, staff augmentation services may help firms find skilled workers who are up-to-date on the newest tools and practices. Members of an organization’s augmented staff are experts in their fields because they have received specialized training and certification. A company’s software development speed, customer service, and ability to stay ahead of the competition are all boosted by staff augmentation.

Staff Augmentation’s Advantages

Staff augmentation may bring about a variety of positive outcomes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Boost in scalability

With IT staff augmentation, you may swiftly increase your IT personnel when you need to without incurring any significant costs or making any long-term commitments. It is useful in many situations, particularly when demand is strong or specialized skills are required but not readily available.

  • Budget cuts

Staff augmentation may help you save money by allowing you to hire temporary workers for short-term assignments rather than full-time personnel. There are no hidden fees for things like orientation and training.

  • Tapping into niche knowledge

Staff augmentation allows businesses to engage external workers who bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge that they may not have otherwise. Experts may be found who have worked with and learned the necessary technology or abilities for your work.

  • Enhanced effectiveness

The efficiency of your IT operations as a whole may be enhanced by using staff augmentation. If more people are assigned to each job, completion times for projects may be shortened, and more can be accomplished.

  • Flexibility

Due to the temporary nature of staff augmentation services, you may quickly scale up or down your team’s size to meet fluctuating demands. As a result, you’ll have the agility to meet the evolving needs of your company.

5 Facts About Staff Augmentation in Poland

Poland is a frontrunner in the field of IT personnel augmentation and recruitment. Poland has a lot to offer businesses looking to supplement their staff: an expanding IT industry, highly educated people, cost-effective services, EU membership, and cultural compatibility with Western countries. Let’s get into the essentials of this booming Polish industry.

  1. Poland’s IT sector has expanded quickly in recent years with over 60,000 software enterprises, turning the country into a major center for the development of software and hardware. As a result, many multinational corporations like Oracle, Google, Samsung, IBM, Nokia, and Microsoft have found staff augmentation in Poland to be a viable and reasonably priced option for adding skilled workers to their expanding teams. The country’s IT sector has grown to become Europe’s seventh largest among 26.
  2. Polish software developers have high levels of education, as many of them have bachelor’s/master’s degrees in fields, such as computer science, engineering, and related professions. They have extensive knowledge of in-demand programming languages like SQL, Javascript, Python, Java, C#, etc. Additionally, there is an exceptionally high level of English proficiency in Poland, which makes it easy for local programmers to communicate with their foreign employers effectively.
  3. The addition of Polish IT specialists to your team may prove to be a cost-saving measure. While labor costs may be lower by 2-3 times than in the United States or the United Kingdom, the quality of work is usually the same or higher.
  4. Poland’s membership in the European Union provides a secure and business-friendly setting. Strict adherence to EU data protection laws and regulations like the GDPR guarantees data security and privacy. For businesses dealing with sensitive customer information, it might be a huge benefit.
  5. The fact that Poland and the West share similar work ethics and values enhances their cultural compatibility. As a result, the misconceptions and cultural conflicts that might arise in multinational partnerships are less likely to affect their work ethics, communication style, and approach to solving issues.

Alcor BPO: A Trustworthy Recruiting Agency for Team Augmentation

Work with a seasoned partner if you’re considering team augmentation in Poland or elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Alcor is an IT recruiting company that operates mostly in Eastern European countries, including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Approximately 40 people work in our recruiting department to find, screen, and interview qualified candidates for clients. Alcor’s recruiters have access to resources encompassing over 600,000 qualified IT professionals, so you can be confident that we will locate the ideal candidate for you. Moreover, 98% of the individuals we place with our clients successfully complete their probationary periods. Alcor also assists with all back-office functions, including legal compliance, payroll, accounting, and others. 

Now that you know why and how staff augmentation is so popular, you can better understand why so many IT firms choose this strategy when looking for new employees. Consider working with Alcor to accomplish all your goals if you believe it would be beneficial to hire a team of professional developers in Poland. 

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