HE NEARLY got away with it… A 64-year-old British holidaymaker was arrested by the Spanish Civil Guard as he was about to board a ferry in Santander, over an alleged unpaid hotel bill worth €1,500. 

According to news agency Europa Press, the man and his family had stayed in an establishment in the Cantabrian municipality of Noja, but they left without paying the tab. 

The stay lasted from July 19 to 24, which is when the staff realised that the family had disappeared without paying. They informed the Civil Guard of what had happened. 

Armed with the information that the family were travelling in a motorhome, the Spanish authorities opted to monitor the ferry port at Santander on the basis that they would be returning home by sea. 

On July 30, they detected the arrival of the family’s vehicle at the ferry port, and proceeded to arrest the man. The day after he was brought before a Spanish court to face charges for the alleged fraud.

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