TWO street thieves have been arrested in Calpe close to a bank where they stole €4,000 from an elderly man last May.

The men of Columbian nationality, aged 29 and 53, were caught by the Guardia Civil after they and another associate were spotted behaving suspiciously around the premises.

One of the trio exited the building and started waving at his colleagues with officers moving in to intercept them.

There was enough evidence to show two of the men had been involved in May’s robbery but a check revealed they had arrest warrants against them issued by courts in Gandia, as well as further afield in Albacete and La Rioja.

The third man was not detained as he had no outstanding warrants and was not deemed to have committed a crime.

The modus operandi was one of the crew going into a bank and looking for an elderly ‘mark’ who had made a large withdrawal.

Once outside, the they would be followed and relieved of their cash.

Several items were removed from the men by the Guardia including clothing used to disguise appearances, tools to break windows, communication units, and a home-made device to puncture car tyres.

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