A YOUNG Englishman who was carrying drugs on a plane from Birmingman to Spain has been arrested at Ibiza airport. 

Police have told the Olive Press that they got a call from the plane saying that there was a conflictive passenger on board. 

“We were alerted that a British man in his twenties was misbehaving on the flight. It is likely he was under the influence of drugs,” a Guardia Civil spokesman told the Olive Press

Officers entered the plane as soon as it landed on the island and found the Englishman was carrying 25 g of cocaine and 37 g of ketamine. 

An officer with the drugs seized. Photo: Guardia Civil.

He was arrested on the spot for alleged drug trafficking and a judge is to decide today whether to grant him bail or remand him in custody.

The young Brit is said to have flown to Baleares for a holiday, but his situation has for sure taken a different turn. 

“Not the best way to start his holiday,” a Guardia Civil commented. 

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