FOUNDED in 2016, Woodstock was not created to be just a furniture shop, but a way of life based on a love of people and the environment. 

Their furniture is made of lasting and sustainable wood from the Netherlands that gives them a vibrant personality. 

“We buy timber that is one or two years old and that has been used in scaffolding. Its imperfections, cement marks, and small cracks are what makes this wood beautiful,” says Raquel, Woodstock co-founder. 

In addition to giving their furniture a vintage personality, this wood, acquired through circular economy, stops more forests from being cut down. 

But gorgeous looks is not the only attribute of their wood, which is also incredibly lasting. 

“The brilliant quality of our timber means that if you buy a table or a bed from us, it can last you a lifetime.” 

Each piece of furniture is handmade with care and customised by Steven, Woodstock founder, and his team of carpenters. 

“Each strip is unique as they have different marks, and tones – no two tables are the same. If you buy a Woodstock table, you know that it is unique,” says Steven, who grew up in Belgium seeing his father woodworking and learnt from him.

Like the Arrows, Steven and Raquel love Rock ‘N’ Roll and they have combined their two passions.

Their project is inspired by the 1969 Woodstock Festival and its ideals of love, freedom, naturalness and fraternity. 

Sustainability, high quality, uniqueness, and Rock and Roll is what makes Woodwork furniture incomparable. 

Visit their magnificent showroom at Sierra Bermeja S/N, 11311 Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, Cádiz, near Sotogrande or call 607992483.  

Or check their breathtaking furniture at  

Calle Sierra Bermeja S/N
Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro
Sotogrande – Cadiz

Tel: +34 610 657 712

WhatsApp: +34 610657712

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