A STRONG stench wafting from a Torrevieja flat forced a Guardia Civil break-in with the discovery of a man’s body which had been lying there for at least ten days.

Neighbours on Calle Pleaamr in the Rocio del Mar area at the southern end of the city’s coastline raised the alarm at around 10.30pm on Saturday due to the unpleasant odour circulating around the building’s common area.

Guardia officers accessed the flat and found the decomposing body of a 54-year-old Norwegian man who lived on his own.

The resident suffered from Diogenes syndrome which results in people accumulating waste and belongings which were distributed across his flat.

He is said to have had a number of health issues caused by morbid obesity.

Such ‘home alone’ deaths are becoming more frequent in the Torrevieja area with the Guardia Civil recording a score of such fatalities in the last year.

The Olive Press reported last October, a British woman, 82, was found dead in her city house among tons of rubbish.

She lacked any local family support and an autopsy showed that had died a fortnight earlier.

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