THE exact location where a headless human body was found by a hiker in the province of Alicante has been revealed. 

A Spain’s Guardia Civil officer has exclusively told the Olive Press that the body was found at the popular hiking route known as Camino de Domenech, in the Cabeco d’Or mountain chain, in the touristic municipality of Bussot. 

The agent has further revealed to this newspaper that the corpse was found by a Spanish hiker who is a resident in the Alicante province. 

Police believe the remains may have been there for at least one month, due to the advanced state of decomposition. 

The deterioration of the corpse has been aggravated by the extreme heat and the lack of some body parts could be a consequence of animal activity. 

The dead person had no ID, and their identity remains a mystery, but a Guardia spokesman has said to the Olive Press that they ‘believe it is a man’s body.’

However, no other details regarding his identity can be revealed as an investigation remains open. 

“This is an ongoing investigation and we are taking the steps required to find out his identity,” the spokesman concluded. 

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