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SOROLLA QUIZ: How much do you know about the renowned artist?

AUGUST 10, 2023 marked 100 years since Joaquin Sorolla passed away.

The great impressionist painter is being remembered all over the world including major exhibitions in Spain’s capital and in his hometown.

The commemorations are continuing throughout the rest of the year.

In honour of the respected artist we have created a multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge on the famous painter.

1. Where was the artist born?

A) Madrid

B) Zaragoza

C) Sevilla

D) Valencia

2. What was the nickname given to him?

A) Master of light

B) Mediterranean maestro

C) King of seascape

D) Painter of painters

3. How many children did Sorolla and his wife, Clotilde have?

A) 3

B) 4

C) 2

D) 7

4. Which of the following is titled ‘Walk on the beach‘?

5. Which illness was Sorolla the first person to portray in a painting?

A) Cerebral Palsy

B) Polio

C) Rickets

D) Polydactyly

6. The following is a photograph taken in 1908, but who took the photo?

A) Eadweard Muybridge

B) Alfred Stieglitz

C) Annie Leibovitz

D) Gertrude Käsebier

7. Sorolla worked for seven years on a comissioned mural for the Hispanic Society of America. What building was the mural for?

A) A museum in Los Angeles

B) A wall in Mexico City

C) A library in New York City

D) A library in Buenos Aires

8. Which country did Sorolla NOT study in?

A) Italy

B) Spain

C) Germany

D) France

9. The artist has had many exhibitions around the world (with paintings including this one below). His first exhibition was in his late teens, but where was it?

A) In Assisi, Italy

B) In Madrid, Spain

C) In Paris, France

D) In Rome, Italy

10. We know that Sorolla painted a lot of his works in the places depicted in his pieces rather than simply use his imagination. How do we know this?

A) He always took souvenirs from the places.

B) There were often grains of sand embedded in his works.

C) He brought back postcards for his wife.

D) He had lots of sand in his shoes when he returned to Madrid.


  1. D) Valencia – Not only was Sorolla born in Valencia but he also frequented the city to reference it in his work.
  2. A) Master of Light – This nickname comes from his incredible talent for depicting light in his pieces.
  3. C) Germany – Well known for travelling around Europe to learn more about his craft, Sorolla studied in many countries but not Germany. He went to the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, travelled to Paris and was exposed to modern impressionist painting. In addition he had a four-year grant to travel and work with great artists like Francisco Pradilla in Italy.
  4. A) The work depicts his wife, Clotilde and his eldest daughter, Maria wearing long white sundresses. This painting was completed in his home town of Valencia at the Playa de El Cabanyal beach.
  5. B) Polio – In ‘Sad Inheritance’ children with polio are seen bathing in Valencia under supervision of a monk. A polio epidemic had struck the city years prior and following the painting he won a medal of honour at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.
  6. C) It’s library in New York City – The commision from the Hispanic Society of America saw 7 years of work put into the piece. It depicted life in various provinces of Spain. The piece took a toll on the artists and left him exhausted.
  7. D) Gertrude Käsebier – The American photographer was a pioneer for women in the art of photography. The well-known photograph sees Sorolla positioned in a strong pose with admirable posture. Many have commented on how his hands are oddly obscured by gloves and his shadows.
  8. A) 3 – The pair had their first child, Maria in 1890. Joaquin and Elena came shortly after, born in 1892 and 1895 respectively.
  9. B) In Madrid, Spain
  10. B) There were often grains of sand embedded in his works. – Due to painting on the beach, grains of sand would be found embedded in the work underneath layers of paint. This shows that he was actively at the seafront whilst creating his pieces.


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