THE croqueta eating world record has been broken in less than three hours as a Murcian man eats 237 of the Spanish morsels. 

Valentin Carrasco, 30, managed to scoff the astonishing amount, which weighed a total of 5.92kg. 

The record breaker Valentin Carrasco, 30, at Solo de Croquetas, Madrid, where he undertook the foodie feat.

It took almost a hundred years to beat the previous record of 236 croquetas, set by Patxi Bollo in 1936.

Legend has it that the previous record holder ‘could not contain himself’ and demolished over 200 croquetas due to their delicious aroma. 

This year’s competition was held in the Madrid restaurant, Solo de Croquetas, known for its huge selection of the Spanish delicacy. 

The Cartagena native’s efforts did not go unrewarded, taking home a €1000 prize 

The Youtuber has carved out his niche, often undertaking food challenges. Photo: valferrerfood/Instagram

He blew away the competition, with the second place champion only managing 182 croquetas. 

In third place, a Canarian diner ate some 130 of the breaded bites. 

Speaking to La Verdad, he said: “This was the hardest challenge I have ever undertaken. 

“I get very tired with the taste and in the end I ate six kilos of croquettes, I also drank a liter of water, another liter and a bit of milk and five or six Coca-Colas”.

Carrasco, a Youtuber dedicated to breaking records, has already become the first person to eat 16 sobaos, a traditional Cantabrian cake, in less than eight minutes. 

He broke the existing record by six.


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