WEATHER experts are finally predicting a drought-smashing torrential downpour will hit Malaga this week.

After an alarmingly dry rainy season, it was beginning to look like the window for the kind of rainfall that the province needs had passed.

But at long last, there is a ‘100% chance’ of rain forecast for Friday, with many estimations putting it to be the rainiest day in Malaga since December 9, 2022.

Some of the most optimistic forecasts for Friday are anticipating 50 – 80mm of rain in just 24 hours, although it remains to be seen how much will fall where it’s needed or be lost downstream.

A ‘sky river’ rolling in from the Caribbean all the way across the Atlantic is expected to usher in a ‘radical change in weather’, bringing with it heavy rain, heavy winds and snow.

‘Storm Karlotta’ already has Spain’s meteorological agency Aemet scrambling to activate yellow and orange warnings for the north of the country from Thursday.

Forecasts indicate that Malaga could receive as much as 80mm of rain on Friday – the heaviest rainfall in 14 months

Aemet won the battle to name the storm ahead of the UK’s meteorological agency, which would have labelled it ‘Storm Kathleen.’

The news will come as sweet music to ears in Catalunya, which has recently activated water restrictions affecting six million people amid a devastating drought.

Both the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga are gasping under the most serious (grave) category of water shortage and drought status of ‘prolonged.’

Water storage tanks are starting to run dry in villages around the coast, with elevated communities on the high ground among the first to suffer. 

Juanma Moreno, the Junta President, had previously said that the region’s largest cities would face water cuts in the spring unless it ‘rained for 30 days straight.’


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