Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Campbell Ferguson: Survey Spain

The price to pay for Andalucia’s new holiday rental law

Andalucia’s new holiday rental law could kill the goose that laid the golden egg

PROPERTY ANALYSIS: Making sense of a fickle market with Survey Spain

Fashions change but the taxman always wants his cut, writes Campbell Ferguson of Survey Spain

What does article 50 mean for Brits in Spain?

We’ve been through the ‘phoney war’ period of sabre rattling, but now there has been the irrevocable declaration that we are leaving

Rising damp is an increasing problem in Spanish properties

It’s the last problem new buyers expect to find in sunny Spain and as ‘Mr Rigsby’ (or anyone living in a temperate climate will tell you) there’s such a simple solution

Has the market lost the plot?

Campbell Ferguson asks why people buy plots to build houses on

WIDER TRENDS, EVIDENCE AND FINDINGS: Campbell Ferguson of Survey Spain presents his latest market report into Spain’s property sector

THE observant amongst you will have seen that we are now in our 19th year, having started Survey Spain on September 1, 2003. When I...

How financially strong is your town hall?

Why sussing out your local authority is fundamental before buying

How is property valued in Spain?

In the UK valuation is easy - in Spain, it's so different!

Improving Costa del Sol property market encouraging off-plan buyers

Ten important points for off-plan buyers to consider before purchasing a property in Spain

British expats have been hit hardest thanks to post-Brexit pound devaluation

The lies of Brexit that caused it to win have hit expats quicker and harder than most British Citizens

Plenty of Brits will be committing to Spain post-coronavirus lockdown, predicts property expert Campbell Ferguson

WELL, well, well. Demand, no surprise, has virtually ceased in the Spanish property market, though a few committed buyers are hanging in there and...

Selling your house: The importance of the home report pack

The sensible used property seller can compete in the market by having a Home Report prepared that gathers all the information on their property together and offers it as one pack to buyers

Property bargain or snare in Spain?

Making valuations and the benefits of buying property from banks

Floods and how to plan for them

I know, ‘stable doors’ and ‘horses’ come to mind ...

Not insuring your property correctly could cost you more than €30,000

To obtain the insurance involves supervision of the foundations and structure by an independent third-party specialist as they are built, and 10-year insurance against failure thereafter

De-railing the value of property in Spain

Rumour and abandoned proposals can also have an effect upon the value of a property

Taxing times in Spain

How Spain’s tax system is undermining the property market and its would-be buyers

ANALYSIS: Why property in Spain is retaining its value

OVER 3,000 kilometres separate the ‘tranquillity’ of Spain's costas from the horrors of Ukraine. However, the effects of the war have become the ‘trigger’...

Earthquake left Costa del Sol shaken, not stirred!

Building properly is the best safety measure against earthquakes




Five top new UK authors will star at Gibraltar International Literary Festival as tickets go on sale

TICKETS went on sale for this year’s Gibraltar’s Literary Festival as organisers announced five more speakers that would be on the Rock for the...


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