Sunday, September 27, 2020

The rain man of Istan

Giles Brown avoids a soaking and finds a new career as a Gondolier

Giles Brown rubs shoulders with the descendants of Malaga’s maestro Pablo Picasso

IN my so far rather colourful journalistic career, I've had the opportunity to interview the good – Rik Mayall was as brilliantly funny as...

Loud and Clear!

Our man about town was a victim of papal photo-bombing...

COVID-19: The wrong camera angle on your Zoom call could leave you looking like Jabba the Hutt and don’t...

THERE seem to be several ways of dealing with the current coronavirus crisis. One option – sadly is no...

You don’t need WiFi for summer fun in Marbella

Giles Brown’s teenage houseguest gives him a flashback to footloose, fancy-free Spanish summers…

Quaking in my boots

Sleeping through seismic disturbances on the coast

Tips on how to embrace your mid-life crisis in Spain

Perhaps it is the fact that, when I’m running down the Spanish Top Ten on my breakfast show, I can recognize only about three of the artists – and wonder where the vowels went with the rest of them (The Weeknd, SZA etc.).

Life on air: The ups and downs of working in radio

Radio is your basic job for madmen

Here comes the (Facebook) Bride

Apparently jokes are harder to get online

Giles Brown has had enough of the virtual breathing workshops and online psychobabble of Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

What could be more inspiring than the sight of a 50-something male in a hooded dressing gown muttering obscure rock lyrics to himself

A fresh start?

After the widespread cull of some of my favourite icons – Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali-that was 2016-as well the Brexit and Trump votes, 2017 was supposed to be a belter of a year

Loud and Clear!

Back in Blighty Giles Brown gets both a drenching and a culture shock

A trip to the hospital in Spain has turned Giles Brown into a bookworm with six pack abs and...

Spraining an ankle is not a training programme that I would recommend, but there is an upside!

Oh, Ambassador… you are spoiling us!

The Madrid event was certainly one to remember...

A bridge too far…

Giles Brown thinks that San Pedro has enough chaos without a new bridge

Famous last words

Why I fear I will go out with a whimper rather than a bang

Get your Rock off! Life on the frontline between Spain and the UK

I'm writing this column from an office overlooking the Med and just popped my head out of the window to see if the Armada had just sailed past

The Christmas season is the time to pat ourselves on the back

If you are an autonomo, you will also know that is the time that you have to get in any monies owed before Christmas.

Swing low….

With the summer drawing to a close, the rugby season had expats gripped… for a while anyway, writes Giles Brown

Mountain high

The most important thing about any ascent is getting an early start

Loutish tourist behaviour is like an infection Marbella has to treat each summer

Giles Brown on the fallout from the Banus champagne spray party that saw revelers run down by a 4x4 and the subsequent police chase

What if Marbella entered the Olympics?

What events could Marbs expect to win Olympic medals in?

Spain’s Coronavirus outbreak has Giles Brown humming along to a noughties boy band from inside his loo roll lair

Living in splendid isolation in a cottage by the lake, with the nearest neighbour about half a mile away, a generator for power and a large water deposit tank, I was all prepared for the breakdown of society

Dealing with the Marbs high season and its struggles

Columnist Giles Brown recounts the tales of a battered Brit and projectile weapons

Call me a road racist but …

Why the new-style licence plates drive Giles Brown round the bend