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Hannah's España - An American in Spain

Semana Santa in Spain

Holy Week is experienced by Hannah - an American in Spain

Cordoba history is a thing of the past

Hannah discovers the archeological museum in Cordoba

The carnaval is over…

'Pirate' Hannah participates in her local celebrations

El Castillo de Cabra

Hannah takes a tour around a castle that now houses a school

La Nava – an ancient lakebed near Cabra

Hannah discovers the province of Córdoba is full of fantastic landscapes

Cold? Grab a sweater!

We found out the hard way that nothing lasts forever

Missing the clothes dryer

Our eyes met in a shared a look of terror and we sprinted to the bedroom window

An American in Madrid

Hannah takes in some of the sights in Spain's capital

Celebrating Three Kings Day in Spain

The streets of my small town were crammed with people of all ages for the parade

Starting the New Year on the right foot

Hannah enjoys some of the great outdoor recreational activities provided by Cordoba's natural wonders

Celebration quips

Here’s hoping your holidays are spent with relatively clean hands in your own home or that of a loved one

Santa versus the Three Kings

No presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Spanish children are gifted with small presents from the Three Wise Men who visited the Christ child more than a week after his birth

I love Christmas!

Hannah Kuether takes a weekend trip to Granada

Christmas in Spain

Hannah marvels at the giant nativity scene in front of the city's government building

Flight prices are sky high

One of our American bloggers finds travel within Spain affordable but flights out of the country expensive

Feeling the cold in Cordoba

Scarves, jackets, and many, many layers are the best way to prevent the change-of-the-season cold

Siesta struggles

Our North American friend has difficulty adjusting to the Spanish after dinner rest period

Clicking cameras in Córdoba

Hannah visits the Mezquita in the World Heritage city of Córdoba

España and Cabra here we come…

We've arrived in Spain and made it to Cabra without incident. Cabra is what Europe looks like in movies: narrow streets, tallish buildings, people walking, plazas every few blocks with lots of old men sitting and chatting… It’s amazing.




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