Monday, March 25, 2019

“Prostitute killer” held in Germany

Police across Europe are searching through files of unsolved murders after a lorry driver in Germany was arrested in connection with a six-year killing spree across the continent

Street violence delays Eta peace talks

THE planned peace talks between the government and Basque separatist group Eta are in danger of never happening, according to a senior government official.Interior...

Immigrants keep Spain working says government report

Spanish prime minister's economic adviser has published a report which attributes 50 per cent of Spain's economic growth during the last five years to immigrants in the country

13-year-old baby born in Barcelona

The oldest baby in the world has been born from an embryo conceived thirteen years ago and frozen in a fertility clinic

Zapatero speaks out against Saddam death sentence

PRIME Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has emphasised the European Union's rejection of the death penalty, after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was condemned...

Spanish ‘Manhattan’ plans approved

Ayuntamiento of Cullera, Valencia, has approved plans to build 33 skyscrapers on the shoreline

Eta in ceasefire withdrawal threats

BASQUE separatist group Eta has threatened to end its seven-month ceasefire unless talks with the Spanish government make progress before the end of autumn....

EU backs Spain in peace talks bid

BRUSSELS has narrowly backed Spain’s peace plan with separatist group Eta after a debate in the European parliament.Politicians voted 321 to 311 in favour...