Thursday, May 28, 2020

Real Madrid visit earthquake damaged Lorca

The squad toured the town before playing a benefit match in Murcia to raise 50,000 euros for victims

March of Spain’s Indignant

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets demanding a change to the current two-party system

A Middleton in Madrid

The Duchess of Cambridge' little sister has been taking some time out in Spain with her ex-boyfriend

High speed to austerity in Portugal

Portugal cuts plan for AVE fast-track railway and health spending in bailout agreement

Driven to distraction in Spain

3,400 drivers fined in just one week in a crackdown on using mobile phones while driving

British woman beheaded in Tenerife supermarket named

Jennifer Mills-Westley was attacked and decapitated in a Chinese supermarket in Los Cristianos on the holiday island yesterday afternoon

Spanish ‘property roadshow’ fury

Minister insists Spain will not help 'one per cent' of expats with problems

Pope – the musical comes to Spain

Musical tribute to the life of John Paul II

Dozen dead in Spanish earthquake

Ten confirmed dead, dozens more critically injured, as huge quake rocks Murcia city of Lorca. By Jon Clarke in Malaga

Benidorm stars voice radio campaign

Adverts aimed at helping Brits with everyday life in Spain

Naked gym comes to Spain

Fancy working up a sweat in the buff?

Spanish breastfeeding baby doll in paedophile row

Spanish doll allows young girls to imitate breastfeeding has sparked controversy in the UK and America

Expat walking appeal

Briton set to walk the length of Spain to raise money for cancer charities is appealing for help with accommodation on his travels

Fish bound for Spain seized

Authorities are investigating after impounding suspected 'pirate fishing' cargo

Libyans targeted by Spanish-made cluster bombs

Spanish munitions were sold to Libya prior to signing international treaty

Ponzi fraudster to go on trial in Spain

A British financier on trial over alleged 20m euro Ponzi Scheme targeting British expats

Who killed Kenny in Spain?

Telecinco in trouble after showing adult comedy South Park to kids

No Suede labour

Town hall under fire for paying 400,000 euros for British rockers Suede

Drunken students reign in Spain

Youngsters take over seaside resort for the 'biggest student festival in the world'

Spanish name for Beckham baby?

Victoria and David expected to choose Spanish name for daughter

Axe the Spanish medic attacks

Doctors demand violent patient register after sharp rise in assaults, including recent axe attack in Madrid

Puppy torture man arrested

Badajoz man faces jail for torturing animals and putting footage online

British PM enjoys budget break in Spain

Camerons' ditch the kids for two days in the sun

Prince Charles ‘cash for access’ row

Boss of Spanish firm Porcelanosa gets invite to Royal Wedding

Embattled Spanish PM Zapatero to stand down at next election

Economy and rising unemployment given as reasons to hand over to likely successors including either Rubalcaba or Chacon. By Jon Clarke

Prince Charles discusses Spanish green options

His Royal Highness discusses low carbon economy with business leaders.