TWO siblings have been jailed after killing their mother, stuffing her body into a closet, and continuing to collect her state pension for two years.

The brother and sister were sentenced after a jury convicted them last week of murdering their mother, Angela, in the small Aragon region village of Pozondon in March 2017.

Angela’s son, Pedro, got 16 years behind bars and his sister Isabel, a lower tariff of eight years.

That’s because she did nothing to prevent the killing of her octogenarian parent as she waited patiently for the deed to be done.

They also got six months each on Social Security fraud charges.

The duo were ordered to repay €30,755 of their mother’s benefits that they continued to claim after her untimely death.

Angela needed constant care from her children as she suffered from dementia, limited mobility and no eyesight.

Her condition deteriorated and Pedro told his sister Isabel on March 3, 2017 that he was going to kill her.

He went up to her bedroom and smothered her with a pillow.

The siblings then hid her body in a closet built into one of the walls of their home and carried on claiming her pension for another two years.

Neighbours who inquired about the Angela’s welfare were told that she had moved to a nursing home.

Her body was discovered by the Guardia Civil in June 2019.

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