Thursday, October 24, 2019

Liverpool FC target among 51 ‘POISONED’ by Salmonella at sushi restaurant in Spain

While the current number stands at 51, authorities believe that figure could climb much higher

Three more children develop ‘werewolf syndrome’ after taking contaminated medication from Spain’s Costa del Sol

Officials believe the contamination could have affected up to 30 Andalucian pharmacies and more than 50 batches of the drug

How Olive Oil Improves Memory and Work of Brain

Many people believe, even without knowing about the scientific evidence that backs up their judgements, that some foods are healthier for them than the...

WARNING: 13 children develop ‘werewolf syndrome’ after taking contaminated medication from Spain’s Costa del Sol

The children developed so-called 'werewolf syndrome' after taking omeprazole which had been contaminated

Dog and British tourist who returned to UK added to list of 200 victims in Spain’s biggest ever listeria...

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can cause sepsis, meningitis and encephalitis and can be fatal

The 15 foods you MUST avoid as second person dies in Spain’s ‘largest ever’ listeria outbreak

A SECOND person has fallen victim to a bacterial infection following Spain's 'largest ever' outbreak of listeriosis.A...

Ibuprofen, Valium, Diazepam – among 5,000 drugs that could see you test positive during police stops, according to new...

A TOTAL of 5,000 medicines could see you fail a police stop and lose up to six points from your licence, according...

POLISHED TO PERFECTION: Dental porcelain may look good at first, but lose in the long-run to K Sud Dental’s...

Composite veneers are facings made of a highly polishable resin that can be placed over anterior teeth to give them a better...

Open date REVEALED for NEW hospital on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Work on the hospital had stopped in December after a Junta investment of €15 million

First death of listeria outbreak in Spain’s Andalucia is 90-year-old woman who had eaten popular pork product

It comes as the infected meat products were revealed to have been distributed to Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Tenerife and Madrid

Listeria outbreak infects 80 people including 15 pregnant women in Spain’s Andalucia after bacteria found in 2,000 packs of...

Healthy people may have mild symptoms, however listeria can be fatal for older people, newborns and patients with weakened immune systems

Specsavers Opticas has everything you need to know about eye care at both ends of the generation scale

If you are looking after your grandchildren on a regular basis, you need to think about how to keep their eyes healthy and protect against injuries

World first as Spanish scientists create human-monkey hybrids in China so they can ‘grow organs’

In Greek mythology, chimeras are often depicted as a fire-breathing creature composed of a lion, goat and snake

Health insurance for British families holidaying in Spain could SKYROCKET under no-deal Brexit

“Boris Johnson ’s reckless, senseless approach to Brexit will leave working families worse off. He must urgently rethink and take no deal off the table”

Andalucia is best place to have sex in Spain for fifth year in row, study finds

The study of 18-35-year-olds, conducted through online questionnaires, revealed that six out of 10 Spaniards have sex once a week or less frequently

MADRE MIA! Experts blame ‘job security’ as Spain sees highest proportion of over-40 first-time mothers in the EU

SPAIN has the highest proportion of over-40 first-time mothers in the EU as experts blame ‘job security’.Based on...

British boy, 5, collapses and dies in Spain after sudden illness at four-star hotel

The youngster had been on holiday with his family in Magaluf when he began vomiting before collapsing and suffering a cardiac arrest

Dead body found in the street in Marbella’s San Pedro

Police were called to the square where one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene

4 Ways to Better Take Care of Your Teeth

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your smile? Did you ever stop mid laugh because you forgot to cover your mouth with your hand?...

Access a UK GP from your Home Abroad

With the uncertainties of Brexit you need to know that you can access healthcare any time you need.  GP On Demand can give expats...

SOUP-ER FOOD: Typical Spanish dish helps fight killer cancer cells, new study finds

Results showed that gazpacho not only stopped cell growth, but that it could induce so-called programmed cell death

British expat launches cervical cancer awareness campaign after mum dies at just 41 on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SHARON Norrie tragically passed away last month at the untimely age of 41, from complications that began as cervical cancer.

Specsavers Opticas have everything you need to stay safe in the sun and some super cool shades

Supersize your lenses, or choose wraparound styles so that less light will filter in through the sides

Over 1 million people in Spain sign petitions supporting euthanasia, to be put before Government on Friday

It comes after surveys have shown that 84% of Spain supports changing the legislation on euthanasia

British companies accused of charging Spain-bound tourists for medical insurance already covered by EHIC cards

A TOTAL of 15 British companies have been accused of charging Spain-bound tourists for medical insurance already covered by the European Health...

Children’s SPF 50+ sun cream revealed as ONLY factor 15 but Spain’s Ministry of Health says it’s ‘not a...

It comes after the OCU conducted a comparative study of 17 different SPF 50+ children’s sun creams in May