Monday, May 25, 2020

Thousands sign petition to demand Spain’s Balearic Islands reopen to curb COVID-19’s ‘devastating’ emotional, physical and economic damage’

The petition calls on Pedro Sanchez to employ 'common sense' in lifting the lockdown restrictions across the region

Irene Montero recovers from coronavirus and is out of isolation for the first time in six weeks

IRENE Montero has recovered from coronavirus and has now come out of isolation.

Health passports ‘a possibility’ for entry into Spain’s Balearic Islands as government studies ways to protect region from COVID-19

An 'immunological passport' hopes to safeguard the health of the Balearic community and at the same time reactivate a highly valued tourism industry

REVEALED: Spain’s Balearic Islands records second lowest number of COVID-19 infections in 24 hours as cases by municipality disclosed

Just 15 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 24-hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 1,788

Spain’s BOE to publish maximum price for face masks to curb commercial abuse and inflated prices

The government will set the maximum prices for those essential products, masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gels, needed to combat COVID-19.

A quarter of Guardia Civil agents tested in Spain turn out to be positive for coronavirus

ONE in four Guardia Civil agents has tested positive for COVID-19.

After critical cancer tests, mastectomy and chemo, La Cala de Mijas restaurateur Lisa Burgess finds her Irish British resistance

Likewise, this Irish British Resistance fighter will battle boldly on, quill at the ready

BREAKING: UK lockdown extended for a further three weeks

THE UK lockdown has been extended another three weeks due to coronavirus.

EXPLAINED: Measures taken by Spain’s Ministry of Education so students don’t ‘lose’ school year due to coronavirus confinement

An estimated 10% of school children do not have access to the technology required to do online coursework

WATCH: 100-year-old Spanish woman with multiple conditions returns home after winning battle against coronavirus

Amidst cheers and applause, Carmen, who turns 101 in August, was received like a hero at her residency.

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Carmen Calvo, recovers from coronavirus and returns to work

CARMEN Calvo announces she has recovered from COVID-19 and is returning to work.

Doctors warn of dangers of mixing cleaning products after emergency calls spike during Spain’s COVID-19 crisis

In most cases, the mixture of bleach and another chemical produces a gas called Chloramine (NH2Cl) which is highly toxic, and when in contact with mucus, transforms into hydrochloric acid

EXCLUSIVE: Two factories in Spain’s Andalucia recycle one million sanitary masks a day

A factory in Spain’s Cordoba, recycles 500,000 sanitary masks a day.

People in Spain will gain around five kilos during the coronavirus crisis according to experts

PEOPLE in Spain will gain between three and five kilos during the lockdown experts have said.

Antonio Banderas and Pablo Alboran donate €200,000 to Malaga Univeristy Medical Robotics Research Group in fight against COVID-19

Antonio Banderas and Pablo Alborán, two of Malaga’s most international artists, donate 200,000 in fight against the COVID-19.

WATCH: First local policeman from Spain’s Malaga to overcome coronavirus receives a hero’s welcome

Manuel Ortiz, the first local policeman from Malaga to overcome the coronavirus has received an emotive applause on leaving the hospital

7 home food safety tips for coronavirus prevention

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) says there is no evidence that food is a source of COVID-19 transmission.

COVID-19: Stay limber during Spain’s lockdown with our 20-minute, high intensity, equipment-free workout you can do at home

A good HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout gets the heart race pulsing and is great for circulation, breathing capacity and overall health

COVID-19: Spanish Supreme Court denies Medical Union plea for guaranteed supply of masks and gloves

The Supreme Court has feverishly denied that the government has acted irresponsibly and 'dragged its feet'

New York surpasses Spain in coronavirus cases and becomes global focus of pandemic

The state of New York had confirmed almost 160,000 cases of coronavirus.

NO NEW COVID-19 deaths in Balearic Islands as Ibiza clinic becomes first in Spain to use pioneering ozone therapy

According to health officials, more than half of those infected with COVID-19 have won the battle against the virus

Spain’s Andalucia registers its highest number of coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours, while at the same time...

ANDALUCIA has registered its highest death count since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

British expats can pay to have coronavirus test on Spain’s Costa del Sol from next week

ANY expat or local can now pay for a coronavirus test at the Cenyt hospital in Estepona.  The blood tests are available by private appointment...

Woman gives birth in a taxi in Spain’s Madrid amid coronavirus pandemic

A taxi driver in Spain’s Madrid becomes the improvised hero of the day