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EXPLAINED: What Caixabank merger with Bankia means for customers

Last month two of Spain’s high street banks completed a merger to become Spain’s largest banking entity, but what does that mean for those...

CaixaBank takeover of Bankia to create Spain’s biggest bank set to be done by this Friday

PLANS to create Spain's largest retail bank through CaixaBank buying out Bankia have cleared a major legal hurdle and should be sealed by this...

Wall Street warns Calatan crisis is still risk to Spain’s economy

According to a report released by the bank, it outlined that Catalunya continued to dictate events not only in the Spanish banking system but also more globally. 

State-owned Spanish bank Bankia to repay investors €1.8 billion

The state-owned bank are giving the investors three months to claim back their original investment plus 1% interest

Fears mount over new financial crisis as Spanish stocks are rocked

The IBEX 35 dropped 4.4% on February 8, its steepest fall since August

Barclays offloads Portuguese assets to Spanish bank Bankinter SA

Chairman John McFarlane continues rebalancing strategy

Spain to pay EU billions back in bailout loans ahead of schedule

The economy ministry has announced that €2.5 billion will be transferred to the European Union

ECB cuts rates causing euro to weaken dramatically

The changes are aimed at forcing banks to lend

Expat pensioners battle banking giant ‘scam’

Elderly expats crammed into Rothschild ‘scam’ case at Marbella court

Should your bank hard-sell you insurance?

Columnist Danni Worth, of Op de Beeck & Worth, explains how to beat the bank bullies

Spanish bailout no more than a sticking plaster

€100 billion bailout of Spain banks dismissed as a temporary solution

Jail for Santander bank boss

CEO of Spanish bank Santander has been given a jail sentence




Negligent dog owner loses jail sentence appeal after six-month-old puppy died on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Costa Blanca woman has lost her appeal against a three-month jail sentence for letting her dog die from serious neglect. She also got a...