Friday, February 26, 2021
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WATCH: Secret filming reveals Goldcar staff ‘BULLY’ tourists and charge ‘€300 for scratch’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol and...

In Europe, customers are not required to buy additional insurance when renting a car and are covered with ‘basic’ insurance by law

Eating fruit and veg prevents child bullying

CHILDREN who eat healthy diets are happier, have better self-esteem and are more confident, a European study has found. Kids who eat fruit, vegetables and...

Save The Children report reveals one third of Spanish kids are bullies

A new report reveals Spanish bullies make up a third of the classroom

Gibraltar police make changes to procedures after bullying probe

The Royal Gibraltar Police has made radical changes to internal procedures after its bullying probe

Swans stands up against bullying

Swans put in a lot of work to highlight and fight against school bullying in 2014 and looks to continue doing so in 2015

Gibraltar government launches investigation into bullying accusations

A civil servant accused of bullying a group of graduates


Juan Carlos I’s home in exile is a luxury villa in Abu Dhabi

HE may be living in exile, but he’s not exactly slumming it. Reporters from the television programme Viva la...