Friday, November 27, 2020
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Police in Spain SLAM selfie-taking millennials after rescuing them from 20-metre high ‘suicide’ cliff edge

The operation reportedly lasted several minutes, before cops explained to the young daredevils why their actions were dangerous

Costa Blanca daredevil killed after parachute failed to open in 150ft fall from cement factory in Alicante

A DAREDEVIL who snuck into an Alicante cement factory in the dead of night to jump from a 150ft chimney died after...

Man in barrel sets sail from Spain in three-month bid to reach Caribbean using ONLY ocean currents

DAREDEVIL: The crazy Frenchman atop his wooden barrel, which he will use to cross the Atlantic A DARING...

Streaming service Netflix arrives in Spain

The streaming giant is hoping to reach one third of Spanish viewers in the next seven years

In Cordoban Skies… How a Moorish daredevil made aviation history

Columnist Jack Gaioni explores the history of flight in Spain