Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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WANTED: The 11 British fugitives who may be hiding among expat communities in Spain

The UK's National Crime Agency has launched a fresh appeal today

MOST WANTED: The British fugitives who could be hiding among expats and locals in Spain, have you seen them?

THE UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) has released its list of the most wanted British criminals on the run.  Among them are an alleged murderer,...

Stephen Lawrence murder suspect Jamie Acourt arrested at gunpoint in Spain

STEPHEN Lawrence murder suspect Jamie Acourt has been arrested in Spain after being on the run for two years. The 41-year-old was swarmed by armed...

Spanish authorities bust 8-tonne cocaine haul worth more than €220 million

The US Drug Enforcement Agency and Britain's National Crime Agency also took part in the joint operation

UK-Spain most wanted fugitive arrested in Amsterdam after 12 years on the run

Scott Coleman failed to appear in court on heroin charges in 2003

British drug lord wanted in connection to Alicante murder case

Paul John Scott, 32, is also thought to be part of a plot to smuggle 40 tonnes of cocaine into the UK

Alleged British drug trafficker arrested in Marbella

Christopher Mealey thought he had evading capture by fleeing to Spain and using false identity documents

Police release list of British fugitives hiding in Spain

A further 13 named on Operation Captura list by the UK's National Crime Agency