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The biggest risk to your investments and pensions… could it be your financial adviser?

by Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial

We need to talk about your financial adviser…

by Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial

THE SMALL PRINT: New bank charges introduced for receiving UK pensions in Spain

SEVERAL high-street Spanish banks have begun charging a fee for receiving money transfers from the UK. Nicole Chandler, 71,...

Investment Alert! Are you invested in Momentum Harmony, Lombard Russell or Privee Select Funds?

Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons) Managing Partner Chorus Financial

Violent threats kept fashion designer Jody Smart linked to disgraced pension firm CWM on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN expat fashion designer behind the alleged loss of €35 million of investors money has insisted regular threats of violence were behind...

EXCLUSIVE: Expat fashion boss Jody Smart goes from catwalk queen to alleycat after probe over alleged multi-million investment fraud

A WELL-KNOWN expat fashion designer and ex-model has been grilled at a Costa Blanca court over her involvement in one of the...

BABIES WANTED: 73 towns and villages in Spain’s Valencia region register no births over a whole year

THAT natality rates in Spain have been dropping alarmingly over the last few years is no longer a secret.

Spanish Compliant Investment Bonds, QROPs, SIPPs – do you really know what they’re costing you?

John (I’ve changed his name for the sake of this article) wanted a second opinion on an investment plan he had set...

The biggest risk to your investments and pensions… could it be your financial adviser?

Over the last decade or so, Spanish expats have been exposed to some incredibly poor financial advice. In many cases this has...

The Great Spanish Rip-Off… you might not even know you’re a victim yet.

It was back in 2016 that I tentatively wrote my first ‘exposé’ of certain questionable practises that were...

The pension freedoms trap. Is your UK pension affected?

On 6 April 2015 the retirement landscape for Brits all over the world changed dramatically. Pension freedoms were introduced, and people were...

Fleeced and ruined expat pensioners in Spain get boost from Malta over high-risk Continental Wealth Management investments that plummeted...

MOMENTUM Pensions Malta will have to compensate for 70 per cent of losses suffered by their clients taking out high risk investments...

BEYOND THE GRAVE: Millions scammed as pensions from dozens of dead people emerges

Statistics showed that the main culprit of the withdrawals was family members close to the deceased, often spouses, children or grandchildren

CONFIRMED: Government will uprate UK State Pension for those living in the EU until March 2023 in event of...

THE UK government has announced it will continue to uprate the UK State Pension paid to people living in the EU each...

BREAKING: Brexit Secretary writes to EU seeking mutual citizens rights deal in case of no deal

Britain has already guaranteed the status of EU citizens in the event of no deal, while multiple EU countries have done the same for their British residents

British expat pensioners fear no-deal Brexit after already losing more than a fifth of their spending power

It comes after the Rabobank in London warned that a no-deal Brexit could end in euro-sterling parity

Thousands of OAPs protest on the streets of Spain calling for pension security

PENSIONERS in their thousands have taken to the streets of Spain to demand decent pensions. Demonstrating across Spain to ask the government to guarantee pensions...

Thousands protest in Malaga for fairer working conditions

'There are no excuses' was the slogan of this year's Malaga march

Spain paying €300m a year in pensions to people who are dead

The monthly payment to the dead totalled €25.3 million last year

HMRC backtrack on QROPS

Richard Alexander on ‘a la carte pensions’ and avoiding ‘financial indigestion’

UPDATE: Possible loophole found in scrapping of Winter Fuel Allowance

Expats have until January 24 to overturn Winter Fuel Allowance ruling

‘Forensic study’ claims €15 million wrongly handed to Caja Madrid top dogs

Irregular pay rises and bonuses emerge in damning new report

Little pensions add up!

Columnist and financial expert Richard Alexander with some good press for pensions

Understanding unfunded pensions

Columnist Richard Alexander continues to reveal the mysteries of unfunded pensions

Pension warning for ex-pats

New EU law requires amended bank details for EU ex-pats

EXCLUSIVE: Iain Duncan Smith intervenes in the case of a benefit cheat exposed by the Olive Press

UK Pensions minister personally intervenes in the case of a benefit cheat exposed by the Olive Press


Squatter problems across Spain

There’s been a recent surge in cases regarding squatters in the area since the Coronavirus Pandemic began. It’s a genuine problem with many reports...