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The rise of Spain’s new prime minister Pedro Sanchez

After making political history Spain’s new prime minister, Pedro Sanchez - dubbed ‘el guapo’ (the handsome one) - is used to defying all odds

ESSAY: Why do politicians in Spain never resign?

As more scandal emerges over a leading politician’s faked university degree, Lenox Napier asks: ‘why do politicians never resign in Spain?’ SPAIN’S leading political problem...

Spanish politicians and bankers targeted by expenses scandal investigations

Dozens of politicians, bankers and financial advisers embroiled in expenses scandal as Caja Madrid and Bankia come under investigation

Politicians join forces to denounce attack

Moya assaulted by two men on his doorstep

Three Kings get the bird!

Christmas celebrations take on a political slant with demands for more ‘black’ Baltasars and less obvious campaigning for the PP party

Computer hard drives wiped clean by PP members

High court judge Pablo Ruz requested the laptops to help with the investigation

Opposition: Prime Minister ‘cannot govern Spain’ until he answers corruption allegations

His failure to answer questions that he received cash bungs will see Parliament take a vote of no confidence this week

Spanish Prime Minister under pressure as it emerges that he took illegal cash payments for up to 20 years

Spain's conservative party denies claims by its former treasurer that the PP party has been taking illegal cash payments for over two decades

US billionaire demands new smoking laws for Madrid casino

Eurovegas project will only come to fruition if Spain suspends its recent anti-smoking law

PP wedding scandal

New details of Gurtel ring emerge as judge demands more in Barcenas case




IN CRISIS: Restaurants in Spain’s Mallorca lose 80% of turnover due to COVID-19 restrictions as protest called on this...

According to the Association for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (PINEM), the restaurant sector has been 'discriminated against' and 'destroyed' as a result of the current coronavirus restrictions