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Criminal gang providing fake residency cards to Nigerian migrants busted by Spain’s National Police

SPAIN’S National Police force has busted a criminal ring that was forging residency cards for migrants in an irregular situation, thus allowing them to...

Police investigate Brits using fake documents to gain Spanish residency post-Brexit in Canary Islands

AT least four Brits are being investigated in the Canary Islands over applications to gain residency in Spain using forged ‘padron’ documents. The foreigners’ office...

EXPLAINER: Why Brits in Spain are being urged update residency document to TIE ‘without delay’

BRITISH residents in Spain are being urged to update their ID to a TIE ‘without delay’ as more and more of Spain's administrative bodies...

Dozens of arrests across Spain over newborn baby nationality scam aimed at getting residency for Moroccan women

THE Policia Nacional have busted a scam using newborn babies of pregnant immigrants as a way to get Spanish residency. Moroccan women paid up to...

INFORM YOURSELVES!: Don’t miss a pair of informative – and free – expat seminars taking place on Spain’s Costa...

BRITISH expats, residents, and non-residents may be sick of hearing the word ‘BREXIT’ but most still need to consider its implications linked to living...

GETTING BIGGER: More legal help at hand in Spain as Del Canto Chambers expands with new office in Mallorca

DEL Canto Chambers is opening a new office in Palma, Mallorca, as the London-based barrister chambers expands its work across the UK and Spain...

BREXIT: 150,000 Brits in Spain have applied for TIE residency card. And here’s why you should too

THE British Embassy in Madrid has revealed that 150,000 Britons living in Spain have been issued with TIE cards since it was introduced in...
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Taxing matters: How tax residency works for UK nationals in Spain

WITH Brexit still fresh in everyone's minds, and a number of changes surrounding visas and the end of freedom of movement between the UK...

How the fight for the rights of British citizens in Spain continues after Brexit

From concerns about healthcare and residency to problems regarding work and keeping families together, a new European Affairs Committee this week heard from Bremain in Spain's Sue Wilson, about the biggest troubles faced by British residents in Spain after Brexit.

British residents in Spain rejected for driving licence exchange DESPITE meeting all requirements post-Brexit

DOZENS of British expats in Spain are being told they can’t exchange their driving licences and will have to take a Spanish test because...

EXPLAINED: What Spain’s new population stats tell us about British expat residents

NEW data revealing a boom in the number of British nationals registering as residents in Spain has been published by the Spanish government. And the...

“No plans to deport British citizens”: Authorities in Spain urge calm over 90-day rule

SPANISH authorities have said they will take “a pragmatic approach” to those who overstay 90-day rule. Thanks to Brexit, March 31 marks an important deadline...

Expats still have time to apply for residencia in Spain and help is available

BRITISH expats can still apply for residencia to protect their rights while living in Spain, despite the UK leaving the EU. The December 31 deadline...

Antonio Banderas to set up permanent residency in Malaga

ANTONIO BANDERAS, Malaga’s most international artist, is here to stay. Antonio Banderas has announced that he has decided to set up permanent residency in Malaga,...

Extra meetings and hotline set up as council overwhelmed by Brits wanting official residency in Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA City had to arrange for a second information session as they were overwhelmed by Brits wanting to apply for Spanish residencia. Council officials welcomed...

WATCH: What Brits living in Spain need to know about residency – Brexit message from British Ambassador Hugh Elliott

THE British Ambassador to Spain has delivered a key Brexit message to UK nationals living in the country. Hugh Elliott told British expats it was...

Bremainers in Spain reassured by ‘REMAIN THE SAME’ royal decree on expats, but ‘alarm bells’ raised over UK reciprocity

The royal decree is conditional on Theresa May’s government giving the same rights to Spaniards living and working in Britain.

Spain to protect access to healthcare and pensions for British expats in no-deal Brexit with ROYAL DECREE

Under the plan, expats will have guaranteed healthcare provision until at least 2020 and continued access to unemployment benefits and pensions

THRILLER IN MANILVA: British Ambassador to Spain encourages worried British expats to ‘get residency’ in Costa del Sol...

Manley spoke to a crowd of 200 people, as he outlined the various scenarios that the UK may leave the European Union in

Spanish law change is affecting those living in the Costa del Sol

The criteria for residence for tax purposes varies considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and “residence” can be different for other, non-tax purposes

Which tax man to pay – some confusion!

Financial expert Richard Alexander clears up exactly who’s taxing who

The winding road to Spanish residency

Antonio Flores examines the route to residency

The invisible man

Columnist Antonio Flores, of Lawbird, on the intricacies of tax-residency in Spain




Tortoises, rabbits and frogs released in Gibraltar nature reserve as part of ‘rewilding’ project

SIX adult tortoises, wild rabbits and Iberian water frogs have become new residents of Gibraltar after being released into the wild after being extinct...


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