Britons arrested in Spain for kidnapping

LAST UPDATED: 7 Feb, 2011 @ 10:10
Britons arrested in Spain for kidnapping

THREE Britons have been arrested in Marbella on suspicion of kidnapping.

The incident took place last weekend when the victim was shopping with a friend in Malaga.

Two strangers approached the man and forced him into a car at gun point demanding 104,000 euros.

The hostage was then taken to a shed attached to a house in Benahavis.

But National Police working with the Drugs and Organised Crime Unit were able to arrest the two men and a woman on the same day following a tip off from a member of the public.

During the operation, officers seized a firearm and other evidence, which have now been sent for forensic analysis.


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  1. Has anyone heard of a kidnapping in early July 2011 in spain, with the man having a finger removed and sent to his wife to secure ransom? This is alleged to have happened to a friend, who i don’t wish to name. But I’m anxious to find out if such an event took place.