Spanish beauty contest causes controversy

LAST UPDATED: 25 Jan, 2012 @ 23:34
Spanish beauty contest causes controversy

A ROW has broken out over the reintroduction of a beauty contest banned in 2007 to discourage the ‘objectification of women’.

The Alternativa Mijena-Los Verdes party (AM+LV) is furious that the event has been resurrected in Mijas this week.

The group is unhappy with the Miss Villa de Mijas contest which, it claims, judges its contestants solely on their ‘aesthetic value’.

A spokesman described the contest as ‘discriminatory and sexist’, adding: “What should we do with girls who have big ears, bug eyes or are chubby?

“Should we have them undergo surgery, should we put them on a diet so they can participate in the fair?”

The new PP leader of Mijas Angel Nozal brushed off the charges insisting that it had been brought back by popular demand, even from women’s groups.

A spokesman said: “We are recovering a local tradition that was lost when the previous administration decided to cancel the pageant,” said a spokesman.


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  1. Could you PLEASE supply a face photo of the “spokesman” of
    the sinister-sounding Alternativa-Mijas-Los Verdes party?
    Could we also be told how many members this “party” has
    When players are selected for Real Madrid or Futbol Club Barcelona, do members of this “party” ask:
    “What shkould we do with young men who are dwarves or in wheelchairs ” ??????????????

  2. To simply answer the statement made by this spokesman describing… the contest as ‘discriminatory and sexist’, adding: “What should we do with girls who have big ears, bug eyes or are chubby?
    Nothing – God has provided for them to happily MARRY a men “…who have big ears, bug eyes or are chubby”
    Hasn’t this party spokesman realized a) most people have relationships and marry others who have similar physical attributes to themselves? and b)the contest advertises that contestants will be judged on their “aesthetic value”… NOT: cooking skills, dance skills, equestrian skills, etc.
    One only needs to look at some “neighboring countries” to see the disastrous effects of excessive Political Correctness