DRAMATIC images taken by Olive Press readers, capturing the drama and scale of the fire which affected parts of Mijas, Marbella, Ojen and Calahonda 

A plane tackles the blaze from above in Mijas. Pic: Barbara Mojescik





The view from Las Chapas. Pic: Barbara Mojescik





Flames get perilously close to homes in Mijas. Pic: Reece Electronics








The fire lights up the night sky near La Cala. Pic: Stephen Cole





The blaze is believed to have started at around 8pm on Sunday night. Pic: Stephen Cole






The spectacular light show was tempered by the risk it posed. Pic: Austin John Brown




The frightening scale of the blaze is revealed in Mijas. Pic: Abi Fullbrook








The neighbour from hell. Pic Tamla-Jane Hall






The inferno towered over buildings around Mijas. Pic Tamla-Jane Hall





False dawn: The flames resembled a dramatic sunrise. Pic Tamla-Jane Hall




While elsewhere it was more like a lava flow. Pic Tamla-Jane Hall





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  1. Congratulations to the firemen for a job well done, it was a scary experience, even after we were evacuated and watched from afar. It’s a testament to them that there wasn’t more damage to property or loss of life.

  2. I give these Firemen and volunteers a great deal of credit and praise for what they do to help people in an emergency -usually putting their own lives “on the line”. There is NO greater contribution than that. My Son is a Lieut. in a Fire Dept in the USA. He and his Dept make me proud for doing the same thing, day in-day out with little praise.
    I once overheard a quip – REAL fireMEN could fight fires equally well without WATER.. give them each a case of beer beforehand!
    We should have Firemen head our Governments and the EU.. they have a more dedicated, practical way to protect people.

  3. I work as a firefighter in Seattle, and own a holiday rental apartment in La Cala de Mijas. I was very worried when I saw the intensity and size of the fire, but my brothers and sisters in the fire service took care of it. Good job! Great leadership.