Corruption probe over illegal licence for Benalmadena apartment complex

LAST UPDATED: 8 Sep, 2012 @ 07:31
Corruption probe over illegal licence for Benalmadena apartment complex

By Rund Abdelfatah

TOWN hall officials and two architects are among 10 people arrested in connection with the illegal construction of an apartment block.

The group, which also includes a property developer and three technicians working for the Junta, are facing charges of corruption, false documentation and insider trading after a licence was granted in an incredible three days for the complex in Benalmadena.

The developer and architects are accused of duping planning officials into approving the project after misleading them into believing it was to be used as a hotel, in order to bypass building restrictions.

Meanwhile, town hall technicians allegedly signed off safety checks which had not been carried out.

The investigation began following a routine inspection in 2009 which found the building was being used as a residential block that was built on greenfield land and had 80 apartments, despite the limit for such developments being 15.


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  1. uh oh, this could be a very dangerous precedent. Is there any building in spain that dosent have some bending-of-the-rules attached to it?

    My town hall spent millions (officially an obscene amount) to have a new medical center built. But its been shut for 4 years because… its illegal and badly built.

    should i laugh or should i cry?