Donana National Park president steps down

LAST UPDATED: 27 Dec, 2012 @ 21:03
Donana National Park president steps down

FORMER Spanish PM Felipe Gonzalez has stepped down from his presidency at Donana National Park after admitting he does not have enough time to do the job.

Gonzalez, during his three years at the top of the park’s council, has come under fire many times from green groups Ecologistas en Accion and WWF.

Both regularly called for his resignation following his failure to turn up to meetings and conferences.


“Being president at Donana does not mean attending one meeting every six months,” said Donana’s WWF representative Felipe Fuentelsaz.

On resigning, Gonzalez said: “I decided that if I can’t do it well, the most responsible thing is to find a replacement as soon as possible who can devote more time and efficiency to the job.”

The search is now on for a new Donana president, a post which WWF say would need to be filled by someone ‘neutral’ and perhaps with a scientific background, who would be ready to ‘fight for Donana’.

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