University of Granada is among worlds’ best universities

LAST UPDATED: 18 Aug, 2013 @ 13:19
University of Granada is among worlds’ best universities

THE University of Granada has been appointed as one of the best in the world.

The 2013 Shanghai Ranking, uploaded its top ten universities this week (below). With the rest of the list cataloging the universities in alphabetical order.

Other Spanish universities on the list include Autonomous University of Barcelona, ??Autonomous University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid and University of Barcelona. The Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Pompeu Fabra, University of Valencia, and the University of Zaragoza.

The University of Vigo, has been removed from the list.

The ‘top ten’, in order, is Harvard (USA), Stanford (USA), the University of California, Berkeley (USA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA ), the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), the California Institute of Technology (USA), Princeton University (USA), the Columbia (United States), the Chicago (USA) and Oxford (United Kingdom).

Jam Pot Villas Spain

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  1. There are no Spanish universities whatsoever in the ‘World’s Top 200’ (“”).