Olly ‘Querida’ Murs in Spanish serenade for Olive Press

LAST UPDATED: 9 Sep, 2013 @ 23:45
Olly ‘Querida’ Murs in Spanish serenade for Olive Press

OLLY Murs left two Olive Press journalists swooning on Saturday after serenading us with a Spanish version of his latest single.

X Factor runner up Murs, who has released a string of number one singles, regaled us before his appearance at the Gibraltar Music Festival on Saturday afternoon.

Dressed in his trademark trilby, chinos and loafers, the 29-year-old Essex boy told us it was his first time performing in Gibraltar, although he mentioned visiting when he was a teen.

He claimed he didn’t know the Spanish translation of his latest song, Dear Darling, but luckily we were on hand to help him out.

After being presented with the lyrics, he attempted to match them to the tune of the current smash, setting our hearts pounding with his lilting voice.

The newly-dubbed song didn’t make it into his energy-filled hour and 15 minute set, but he did delight the crowds with a sterling performance of all his hits in English, plus a few lesser known album tracks.


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