Passengers retrieving luggage impeded Spain-bound flight evacuation

LAST UPDATED: 24 Jun, 2014 @ 20:17
Passengers retrieving luggage impeded Spain-bound flight evacuation

THE evacuation of a Spain-bound plane forced to make an emergency landing was delayed by passengers trying to retrieve luggage, an investigation has concluded.

The Jet2 aircraft was taking off from Glasgow Airport and flying to Alicante when it made an emergency stop on October 19 last year.

Smoke was detected in the cabin, along with a strong smell of burning, and after stopping the plane on the runway the captain ordered an evacuation.

Sixteen of the 187 passengers were hurt – one seriously.

The report said passengers attempting to recover property from the overhead lockers delayed the movement towards the exits “and the age or infirmity of some of the passengers may have extended the evacuation time.”

It said: “The injuries suffered were as a result of the evacuation due to passengers bumping into each other on the slide or being knocked to the ground.”

The cause of the smoke in the cabin was not found.

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  1. Tragically the Manchester aircraft fire disaster in the 80s was also exacerbated by people trying to get duty free out of the overhead lockers and women going back for handbags.

  2. one seriously!
    If im on a smoke filling plane, and someones going for their bag rather than the exit, i’ll add them to the ‘seriously injured’ list. idiots.